The Face in the Hallway


The Face in the Hallway, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

Another more complex work done with less layers, at least in the beginning. The basic overall image was drawn first, then I started working with layers…mainly in relation to the debris on the floor and the textures. The process is much more enjoyable this way, and as I said before, the creative process flows much better.

This digital painting is in some ways a connected work with my earlier piece titled Threshold. In this case, there was no physical place that I visited where I gained inspiration, but there was a photographic reference from which I translated some very basic elements into a mostly new structure, and incorporated a face in a similar fashion to the before mentioned work.




Place of Riddle, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

I have been trying lately to create digital paintings with less layers, especially with this one being a more complete and complex image than my “smoky forms” experiments. Having a lot of layers does help with backgrounds and the content around certain objects, but I’m finding that I get lost in them. With less layers, the painting seems to flow naturally, and the image comes together with more ease. My imagination is a little more free when I can just get into the complete work and not worry so much about edges and tedious details. Layers, in this way, come into play with textures and other elements apart from the basic overall picture, like the stars seen in work above.

This will all likely become a more consistent way of digital painting in Photoshop for me. I’m trying further things with this which I’ll discuss in future blogs.

Experimenting with Texture


The Shared Dream, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

This was another work involving the formation of an image in smoky/abstract forms. Also, I began trying new things with texture. For one of the brushes here, I took just a small traditional, scanned brush stroke, and created a Photoshop brush with it. I mixed in some of the more usual brushes I use, and I’m pleased with the overall effect.

Anthroposophical Art


The Formations, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018


The Light of Advent, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2017

Much of my artwork has spiritual and metaphysical aspects, and as an anthroposophist, there are often anthroposophical components. The two digital paintings above, however, are more full and direct expressions of my spiritual/anthroposophical life and feeling.

Anthroposophy (meaning, “wisdom of the human being”) is a spiritual movement that was created by Austrian esotericist Rudolf Steiner, a “Science of the Spirit.”

While having some varying styles, most anthroposophical artwork (at least that I’ve seen) tends to have a similar look. You’ll find a lot of watercolor and pastels of flowing colors and figures. There is a feeling that comes with it, and I can see the “anthroposophical feeling” in the art. My digital paintings above in their own way can tie into this, but I really wanted to bring in my own style that was already in place with my other art. It is ultimately an exploration and continual, growing expression of my spiritual inner world where anthroposophy has a major part.

The Formations began with an arrangement of colors and shapes and I allowed the images to take on the eventual form. Arising was a kind “Divine Sophia” figure creating and weaving into a world with a feeling for the cosmic, starry atmosphere.

The Light of Advent has another “Divine Sophia” figure. This was made around the Christmas season, and has to do with spiritual preparation during Advent, and the elements of meditations one can undertake during that time.

Weavings of the Fae


Weavings of the Fae, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

In this recent digital painting, I wanted to depict something from the world of faerie. The first idea was to create an image of all kinds of beings, large and small, with some more hidden and others more prominent. That was how I began, but a more direct picture seemed appropriate as the creative work went on.

Ultimately, I made a painting showing growth and nature where elemental characters enact and encourage ecstatic life within a flourishing realm. The “Green Man” faces were not originally planned, but seemed to fit in naturally as background personalities.

It seems my work is increasingly coming to a place where I can really begin to tell stories through art. I hope to soon bring something forward that will merge my writing and visual artwork…

Watercolor and Colored Pencil


Unraveling Aloft, mixed media on paper by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

Here is yet another exploration with mixed media where I used watercolor and colored pencil. In some ways, I like this more than the graphite pencil and watercolor work I’ve been doing lately…the effects are much bolder and there are more possibilities with detail. I would still like to do more with graphite pencil mixed with other media, but I definitely plan on exploring further with the materials used in the art above.

‘Unraveling Aloft’ began purely as a watercolor. It was only later that I decided to add some detail with colored pencil. The woman quickly took on a sort of Victorian appearance, but then the clothing became something of a “soul” aspect, with shapes and threads arising into the air…thought forms once again! (see Thought Forms and Art and A Place off the Road)



Trial, mixed media work by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

Further exploration of this mixed media style using graphite pencil and watercolor…

This work more fully came together within the creative process, it was mostly unplanned, just beginning with a basic face which became the figure on the right. It was only much later that I realized I was making a surreal, somewhat abstract representation of a Roman Emperor. This somehow played into the idea of a test, a trial and the passing through of an obstacle, dealing with karmic aspects.

More Mixed Media


Biospeleological Shaman, mixed media work by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

Another mixed media work using graphite pencil and watercolor. This one really came together within the process of creating it. The central figure was mostly planned, but as the environment was formed around her, a double world was born, one above and another subterranean. Ultimately, shamanism became the prominent theme.

A Place off the Road


A Place off the Road, a mixed media work by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

This work was inspired by a “half-sleeping” journey, which had some aspects of a lucid dream and the sensation of an out-of-body experience. The art does not depict the direct, literal imagery that was seen, but it does have the underlying “astral” language that weaved throughout the metaphysical environment, at least in a way that my mind can subjectively express it.

The mixed media process was a first for me…I have never before tried mixing graphite pencil and watercolor. It seems to work, and I hope to explore this style further.


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Spiritus, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

Another digital painting where I experimented with cloud/smoke forms. There was, however, a subtle photographic reference, but only for the basic facial expression. As I was painting, I started to create a kind of ethereal atmosphere, with a figure in tune with something: a calm, spiritual illumination.