Stalagma – digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi

There’s something about the structure and formation of stalagmites that intrigue me. I had this in mind when creating this digital painting. Here I painted a kind of mineralized being who, over time, has stalagmites forming on his head. This also relates to thought and memory…how these things in life can build up, that there are layers formed in one’s mind.

I’m thinking this may become a character in one of my stories someday…


Ethyleris – Web Comic

There’s been a project brewing in my mind for awhile, something that directly merges my visual art and storytelling. This will be a series called Ethyleris and will involve faerie lore, surrealism, dreams, and an interplay of physical and spiritual worlds. The overall story is still germinating and being outlined. Below is an experiment, an imagination of a basic idea of the series. It’s also an attempt at a style, which I think I’ve found.

This series will be posted as a web comic, and perhaps in print form as a graphic novel in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on this project’s progress!


Recent Work and New Art Prints


Vision – digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi

Above is my latest digital painting…more experimenting with clouds and smoky forms. I wanted to do something focusing on eyes, and the feeling that arises in them. The work began with painting the eyes and rest came into being around it as I worked.


Mind’s Eye – mixed media work by Thomas H. Kainaroi

Another work with an “eye” theme. This whole image really just came together as the process went on. I felt very free in my creativity with this one, and I’m pleased with the resulting semi-abstract style.


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Reactive Passive, acrylic on canvas by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

A work similar in concept to my digital painting titled The Personalities. In this acrylic painting, I began simply with a red background and started playing with shapes, and then connected faces began to form in a kind of flowing energy.



Transmundane, acrylic on canvas by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

Another acrylic on canvas work. This, like the last, was largely unplanned…it really came together with the process . I think I’m getting more of a handle on working with color and face structure when it comes to traditional painting.

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Want to Have a Word, acrylic on canvas by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

My first acrylic painting in over a year. I have mostly been doing digital painting, but lately I have returned a little to traditional, and I especially want to explore acrylic again. Apart from my past acrylic paintings, I did something a little different with the style where I was painting more freely and with more abstract forms.

The Face in the Hallway


The Face in the Hallway, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

Another more complex work done with less layers, at least in the beginning. The basic overall image was drawn first, then I started working with layers…mainly in relation to the debris on the floor and the textures. The process is much more enjoyable this way, and as I said before, the creative process flows much better.

This digital painting is in some ways a connected work with my earlier piece titled Threshold. In this case, there was no physical place that I visited where I gained inspiration, but there was a photographic reference from which I translated some very basic elements into a mostly new structure, and incorporated a face in a similar fashion to the before mentioned work.



Place of Riddle, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

I have been trying lately to create digital paintings with less layers, especially with this one being a more complete and complex image than my “smoky forms” experiments. Having a lot of layers does help with backgrounds and the content around certain objects, but I’m finding that I get lost in them. With less layers, the painting seems to flow naturally, and the image comes together with more ease. My imagination is a little more free when I can just get into the complete work and not worry so much about edges and tedious details. Layers, in this way, come into play with textures and other elements apart from the basic overall picture, like the stars seen in work above.

This will all likely become a more consistent way of digital painting in Photoshop for me. I’m trying further things with this which I’ll discuss in future blogs.

Experimenting with Texture


The Shared Dream, a digital painting by Thomas H. Kainaroi, 2018

This was another work involving the formation of an image in smoky/abstract forms. Also, I began trying new things with texture. For one of the brushes here, I took just a small traditional, scanned brush stroke, and created a Photoshop brush with it. I mixed in some of the more usual brushes I use, and I’m pleased with the overall effect.